Here is a transcript of Jed York’s comments on why Scot McCloughan is gone, and also the future of the team. I wrote this as fast as I could. The questions are paraphrased. Jed’s answers are as accurate as I could make them. All typos are my fault. Notice how vague Jed is about a general manager. He’s not even sure he wants one. Curious.


York, who is at the owners’ meeting in Orlando, began his conference call with a statement.


“Scot McCloughan is no longer general manager of the 49ers. This was in the mutual interest of both parties. The 49ers were prepared for this. Trent Baalke will be out point person for the draft assisted by Tom Gamble.”


After that Jed threw it open to questions:


Why is McCloughan gone?


That’s a private personnel matter.


Will Baalke have the final say on draft day?


Yep. Trent knows the draft better than anyone else.


Is this a setback for the 49ers?


Not at all. I have full confidence in Trent to be able to execute.


Why were you silent so long about Scot?


It was 5 days and I gave Scot my word I wouldn’t comment on this for 5 days. My integrity is more important to me than getting out a story.


Why did Scot want to leave?


You’d have to ask Scot.


Was he fired?


It’s a mutual parting.


How were you prepared?


We’ve been prepared. I wanted make sure Trent was as up to speed as possible.


Who will be your general manager?


Trent will lead us through the draft right now. We’ll we concentrate on that later.


Is there a legal reason you can’t say more?


That’s a private personnel matter.


Will Mike Singletary take a lead role now in personnel?


Mike is concentrating on coaching. The coach always will have a say.


You raised ticket prices and there will be a stadium vote. Don’t fans deserve an explanation.


My integrity means lot to me.


Will you have a GM in place next season?


I haven’t decided if we’ll have a general manager. I’m worried about the draft right now. We’ll address that after draft. Trent is leading us through the draft. Right now we want to make sure we’re focused on the draft.


Has Scot agreed not to go to another team?


He wouldn’t be able to do that based on his original contract.


Can he go to another team?


No, not before draft.


How long have you prepared for this transition?


I won’t address that specifically but we been prepared for this.


Is this difficult for you?


Everyone knows how I’ve defended Scot. It’s never easy to part ways with a friend. It’s in the best interest of the 49ers and Scot.


Are you angry?


I wouldn’t say angry. It’s part of the business. Unfortunately this is what it came to.


Did one event trigger this?


That’s a private personal matter.


Will Scot release his own statement?


If Scot wants to talk about a personal matter he’s more than welcome. It’s not my place to talk re Scot’s personal matters.


If it were not for personal matters would Scot have been let go?




Did Paraag Marathe have a role in this decision?


No this was my decision.


You have worked to convey a stable image for the 49ers. Are you concerned that could be damaged?


No. not at all. I’m more concerned with my integrity even if this means negative publicity for me. It’s part of the job of being 49er president.


Why did you wait 5 days?


That was agreed upon 5 days ago.


Is there a financial settlement between Scot and the Niners?


That’s a private personnel matter.


Would you recommend Scot for a job?


I think Scot is a very good personnel guy. I hope he gets a job somewhere.


Why you not been decided yet about the general manager and will Singletary have a bigger role in personnel?


Mike will not have a more significant role. We’re just focused on the draft at this point. Instead of worrying about roles going forward Trent will act as the point person. We’ll make a decision after the draft.


Are you prepared for the draft?


Our board is 90/95 percent set.


Will Baalke look for different kinds of players than Scot?


It’s about the 49ers not one individual.


So the draft is Baalke’s call?




Will Paraag become the general manager?


I promise you I never will be the general manager and Paraag never will be the general manager.


Does Trent have the trigger?


Yes. He will be making draft decisions.


Scot was a champion of Alex Smith. How does this affect Smith?


Alex is our guy. We believe in Alex.