There is talk the Warriors may trade, among others, Monta Ellis to the Knicks for David Lee.

Please no. Please don’t do this.

The Warriors, in case you forgot, are a team that cannot play defense. David Lee is a power forward/sometime center who cannot play defense. Put those two flammable ingredients together and you have a disaster.

Lee is soft. Even the Warriors score against Lee. He is what the Warriors do not want. If you don’t believe me, remind yourself defense won the NBA championship this season.

Larry Riley, a nice man trying to establish his credentials as a GM, needs to go away. He needs to take a trip to Costa Rica or some out of the way place. He needs to stop making phone calls and intruding himself in Warriors’ business which very shortly may not be his business. He should do NOTHING until the team gets sold.

The new owner may actually like Monta Ellis. The new owner may be sane and dislike the idea of David Lee. Riley needs to cool his jets and the Warriors don’t need Lee.