Is anyone out there happy about this David Lee deal? I bet Knicks fans are but I’m talking to Warriors fans.

Lee may be a wonderful human being — I’m eager to meet him. And he will rebound and help the W’s score. Teams will have to account for him. That’s all good.

But he’s a bad defender. No other way to put it. Bad. The Warriors always could score. They couldn’t defend. Now it will be more of the same.

When you think of it, Lee is a Don Nelson player. He scores but doesn’t defend. Nelson always wants to outscore the other team as opposed to shutting down the other team. It’s a losing strategy but Lee fits into it well.

On the other hand, some people think the Warriors gave up too much for Lee, especially when they traded Anthony Randolph. I’m not sold on Randolph, am not clear he ever will be special. My issue is not Randolph. It’s Lee. The Warriors needed to improve their defense and, typically, they did not.