The A’s are always crying poverty. That’s when they’re not crying small market team. We’re supposed to feel sorry for them. We’re supposed to understand when they don’t make deals at the trade deadline except for getting Boof Bonser. We’re supposed to understand when they take money from big market teams to even the so-called playing field.

Just how poor are the A’s?

The principal owner is John Fisher. He has invested the most money in the team. He is the son of gap owner Don Fisher, deceased. John Fisher is a billionaire.

Are you a billionaire?

John’s brothers Bill and Bob also have stakes in the A’s. Both are billionaires, too.

If you’re a billionaire you’re rich. The Fishers are rich.

The dad compiled that art collection currently at SF MOMA. It’s worth a billion, too.

That’s a lot of money.

The A’s never should cry poverty because the A’s are very rich. If the A’s need a shortstop — and they do — maybe they could sell a painting and buy¬†the shortstop.