Zohn reader Russell takes me to task for asking the billionaire Fishers to spend some of their money on acquiring legit major league players. Russell makes a good point. Here is my response.

A team owner should be a sportsman (sportswoman) first and a businessman/woman second. The owner should not be ruled by the bottom line. The owner should own a pro team because of a love of sports and the desire to make the team great. Period. Owning a sports team is not like owning a supermarket.

The A’s used to make money. The A’s used to have big crowds. The A’s used to win and be a factor. The current ownership, which doesn’t seem to care about making a good team, has done many things to cut down on crowds and cut down on success. Have they done these things intentionally? I wonder.

It feels like they are trying to be the second Montreal Expos, trying to force their way out of town in search of anotherĀ marketĀ — although the Giants don’t want them in San Jose and it won’t be easy securing that market.

The Fishers are not sportspeople. They are businesspeople. They have the wrong attitude to own the A’s.