Alex Smith is still the 49ers quarterback. That’s what Mike Singletary just said in his weekly presser which just ended. Singletary asserted he sees something in Smith and Smith’s teammates believe in him.

I believe Smith can do many good things but when the game gets stressful he makes dreadful mistakes. I do not believe a QB can outgrow or unlearn this bad tendency. I used to think the Nate Davis advocates were the lunatic fringe. Call me a lunatic.

I do not believe Smith will work out well. I do not believe David Carr or Troy Smith will, either. I think Singletary should give Davis a chance. With the other 3 guys Singletary is merely treading water until he gets fired. With Davis he at least is seeing if this raw kid has what it takes going forward into the future.

Singletary should have had a better backup to Smith to begin with.  Not having one is another mistake he made.