Bernard Hopkins used to be a great fighter but he’s not a great thinker.

He said Manny Pacquiao is ducking Floyd Mayweather Jr. in particular and blacks in general. He said a black fighter with a black style — whatever that is — could beat Pacquiao. Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis are black. Do they have the same style?

Hmm. For starters, if a white fighter said Pacquiao is ducking whites you can bet the press and many fans would call that white figher a racist for what he said. If that’s the case, and I’m sure it is, tell me why Hopkins does not qualifiy as a racist for saying what he said. I do not understand why he needs to bring race into thisĀ  issue.

Something else. I used to think Mayweather would beat Pacquiao — too big, clever and fast. I don’t think that anymore. In spite of what Hopkins says it is Mayweather who is doing the ducking. Pacquiao has agreed to Olympic style blood testing to be cut off 7 days before the fight. That seems fair to me.

It’ s not good enough for Mayweather. He keeps insisting on more conditions. Maybe he wants testing between rounds. In my years covering boxing — many — I have learned that the fighter who keeps making conditions is the fighter who does not want to fight. That is Mayweather.

I believe he has a doubt about his ability to beat Pacquiao. If he loses to Pacquiao he loses his identity — no longer undefeated, no longer the best fighter in the world. Mayweather cares about money and fame but he does not like fight. He fights reluctantly. Look at any of his fights and you see that.

So, no, I don’t think he can beat Pacquiao because he doesn’t think he can beat Pacquiao. And I sure don’t believe Pacquiao is ducking him. Final note. This whole discussion is moot if Mayweather ends up in the slammer.