Here are assorted Tom Cable quotes from after the Raiders’ 33-17 loss to Miami:

Q: the defensive front didn’t play well.

Cable: On the line of scrimmage it’s a street fight and you either get after it and start right from the beginning and set a mentality for the day or it’s going to be a long day and I think that happened to us on both sides.

Q: When did he decide to go with Gradkowski?

Cable: I’ve said all along when Bruce is 100 percent and ready to go, could do everything we need him to do, he would be the starter. That was the reason for it.

Q: Someone pointed out Cable said last Sunday Jason Campbell was the starter.

Cable: At that time he was and then Wednesday they confirmed to me he was 100 percent healthy.

Q: Did he consider bringing in Campbell?

Cable: No I didn’t. We didn’t have the ball very much and it’s hard to say it’s this or it’s that.

Cable on his pass rush: We’ve got to get more out of our base pass rush.

Q: How he keep the mood up?

Cable: Here we are. We’re right in the middle of our division, we’re playing for something and every game is like gold now. We’ve put ourselves in a negative situation back with a losing record so we’ve got to find a way next week in San Diego to get back to .500 and go from there. Fortunately we’re in the division we’re in.

Q: How did Bruce play today?

Cable: I thought there was some good stuff and there were some inconsistency. Again when you only have the ball a handful of times you don’t get a chance to go out and get rhythm.

Q: Who starts at QB next Sunday?

Cable: I don’t know that Bruce is going to be healthy based on what I was just told.