Here are some thoughts on the Cliff Lee signing.

It seems clear the Phillies went all out for pitching because the Giants won it all with great pitching. The Phillies know the Giants are their competition in the postseason and they want to survive.

Quite a turnaround. Not long ago the Giants were irrelevant. Now they have established the template for how to win the World Series. Pitching. Pitching. Pitching.

Some people already are saying the Phillies have the best pitching in baseball, maybe the best staff in a long time. Not so fast. The Giants beat all their starters in the postseason and, frankly, the Giants’ staff isn’t shabby. I would match the Giants best four starters vs. the Phillies and say the Giants are just as good.’ ¬†Would you?

One other thing, I believe the Giants have better relievers and a better closer. In other words, they have a better total pitching staff. I would love to know your thoughts.