Bud Selig announced he will allow Barry Bonds’ records to stand. It’s what the commish had to do. If he disallowed Bonds’ records, he’d have to get into the awful business of disallowing the numbers of other players like Mark McGwire and baseball would turn into a bigger mess than it is. We all understand players cheated in the so-called Steroid Era. And we live with that and move on. So in this case the commish did the right thing.

Two more points:

Do you assume the Steroid Era is over? I don’t. I believe players are using harder-to-detect drugs like human growth hormone. It would be silly to think anything else.

I loved writing the word “commish” up above. It reminds me of headlines I read as a kid in the New York Daily News — the paper called the commissioner the commish and the Dodgers the Bums.

It’s fun to be silly in a blog.