OK, I paid the 55 bucks to watch Pacquiao/Mosley. I’m a sucker for boxing even though I knew it would not be much of a fight. It was even less than I expected.

Pacquiao knocked down Mosley in the third round with a left hook, really loused up Mosley who was on rubber legs for about 45 seconds. After that Mosley didn’t want anything to do with Pacquiao, or as he said after, Pacquiao had “power I never felt before.”

Mosley didn’t want any of that power. So he ran away. Really, he ran away. For 55 bucks I saw Mosley run away and Manny sprint after him. It was like a track meet.

I gave Mosley exactly one round. He got credited with knocking down Manny in the 10th although it was a clear push. But it was an “official” knockdown so I gave him the round. I had it scored 119-109 for Manny, which is a walkover.

The story of the fight was how Mosley gave up on the fight, went into safety first mode. He never tried to win — he merely tried not to get knocked out. It is hard to respect Mosley because he did not come to fight.

I have no idea where Floyd Mayweather is in his career or even if he can fight or wants to fight. It’s a shame he and Manny never fought. Mayweather would have presented Manny with problems he never has encountered — and vice versa. It would have been a thrilling fight and I believe Mayweather would have won. But Mayweather is more concerned with being undefeated than with laying it all on the line. At least Mosley had the guts to get in the ring with Manny Pacquiao.