Here is the pregame Q&A with Bruce Bochy in the dugout before today’s game. Please excuse all typos; I transcribed this in a hurry:

What’s the lastest news about Posey?

Right now it’s a lower-leg fracture, ankle fracture. X-rays did show that. Right now he’s getting an MRI so we’ll know more when we get results from that.

Any idea how long he’ll be out?

No, can’t know that until we find out more what’s going on in the leg.

Was the collision a clean baseball play?

It’s part of baseball, I understand guys running into catchers. Being a catcher I’ve been in a few of them. You’re in harm’s way there. I do think we need to consider changing the rules there a little bit because the catcher is so vulnerable. There are so many that have gotten hurt, and not just a little bit. So many have had their careers ended or shortened. And here’s a guy who’s very popular in baseball. Fans want to see him play and he’s out for a while. I’d like to see maybe something considered where we protect these guys a little more. They just don’t have the protection against a guy coming in full speed. It’s part of the game. He (Scott Cousins) had two paths to go, he could have gone the other way but he elected to try and knock the ball loose even though Buster had dropped the ball. He (Posey) got himself in a tough position because of how his leg was situated. He was down on one knee and ideally he had the foot pointed that way to protect a little bit but again you’re trying to handle a throw. You don’t have time to get set up perfectly.

How would you change the rule?

I think you could say if there’s a lane there you’ve got to go for home plate. I don’t know. I’m just saying we may need to consider something to protect these guys. They are getting bigger and faster and they’re hitting these guys when they’re not prepared to get hit. We don’t want to see someone carried off with his neck snapped.

Cousins said he did not get much sleep last night and tried to text Buster, does that say something about his character?

I’m sure he feels bad, not as bad as we do. Buster is our cleanup hitter and our catcher and helped us win a World Series last year. This is a tough blow for us. You hate to see this happen. I’m sure nobody feels good about this including him.

You guys would do the same thing right if it was a game-winning situation?

I want them to be smart about it. If they think that’s the only way to get to home plate, I understand it’s part of the game.

Would you change Posey’s position?

No. This is what he wants to do.

How does this change the outlook in the division race?

We’ll move on. We’ll move forward. This is a tough one; there’s no getting around it. Hopefully the other guys step up because we’re not going like we are capable of.

Is there sensitivity to Belt’s situation?

Right now I don’t know if we’re in a situation to be sensitive to anybody to anyone’s ability to play. There’s a sense of urgency.

Would you call Bengie Molina?


Are you angry at the other team?

I’m certainly not happy.

Would you change Buster’s position?

You mean down the road? At this point we haven’t (addressed it). A big reason we won the World Series is what he did behind the plate. It’s a rare commodity to have a catcher bat cleanup, that’s a Johnny Bench type thing. We haven’t even talked about him playing another position. As we get down the road, sure, we might think about it. We haven’t discussed it.

Have you had a collision like that in your playing days?

I’ve had quite a few of them. I got hit in the head area where my arms went numb. It’s scary. You’re trying to catch a ball and a guy hits you.

More on Posey not being a catcher:

Buster’s mindset is that he’s a catcher. He’s an All Star catcher.

When you were a player and got hurt as a catcher did you think they should change the rules?

No, because I was young and that was part of the game. They barrel into the infielders too. I’d like to see the rules changed where the catcher can hit anyone out in the infield; that would even things out a little bit – not to make light of this. It’s the hardest play in baseball when you’ve got someone snorting and coming down on you. It’s just tough to have your guy hang around home plate when he’s so vital to your ballclub.

Bochy on Cousins not taking the alley Posey provided and should he have taken it?

No, not necessarily. Some guys just make up their mind they’re just going to hit the catcher. It’s been going on for years. Like he had made up his mind, the only way he was going to score was barrel into Buster. They know Schierholtz’s arm and he could see the throw had beat him there. He didn’t know Buster had dropped it. The only way he was going to score was hit him. At the same time Buster knew he had left a lane open – that’s what put him in a bad position, he knew the lane was there so he went to cover it. He really exposed himself. He was watching the throw and concentrating on catching the ball.