On Friday the Warriors will introduce their new coach — you’re talking about a guy named Mark Jackson.

They will introduce him at a fancy hotel in downtown San Francisco.

When Joe Lacob and Peter Guber took over the team they announced themselves at a fancy restaurant in San Francisco.

When they introduced Jerry West as an adviser they did that at a fancy hotel in San Francisco.

Are we beginning to see a pattern here?

Does the East Bay not have nice hotels?

The Oakland Downtown Marriott adjoins the Warriors’ facility. You don’t even walk outside to get from one to the other. The Marriott has ballrooms and it has food and it’s in — get this — Oakland.

Berkeley has the Claremont, a swank resort with all the amenities.

It seems to me the new Warriors owners are San Francisco-centric and I won’t be surprised if the move the team to SF. That seems to be the implied message.

In the meantime, they should just be honest about their intentions and call the team The San Francisco Warriors at Oakland.