Lots of stuff in today’s papers about Monta Ellis. It seems the Warriors are talking to lots of teams about trading their diminutive backcourt star for someone bigger, someone who plays defense as well.

This makes sense. Joe Lacob is a risk taker — he hired an announcer to be his coach — and does not seem afraid to remake a losing backcourt and change the emphasis of his team so that it plays at least a little defense. He can do this by trading one of his two stars. Stephen Curry is the other one. I’ve long advocated Ellis is the one to go.

If these reports prove true, I would be correct about trading Ellis and my kid, Grant, would be wrong. I’ll tell him that as soon as he wakes up.

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  1. Stan

    That’s the rub(hee) trade a short scorer who doesn’t play defense for a tall who does play defense and scores some too . Who would give up the last for the former?
    Must be a package deal to convince anybody to do that…and a Warrior first round draft pick?

    June 10th, 2011 8:13 am

  2. Dave T

    I wish I were still asleep at 7:53 am like Grant, but alas I was almost to my office already. Working for the man. Maybe I should go back to school and study sports journalism and write and blog? I digress…
    Lowell, I could not agree with you more here. As I have pointed out time and time again, backing with statistical evidence, that if the Warriors want to win and not just make the playoffs, but challenge for an NBA title, they have to become more efficient (better shot selection and percentage) and defensively as a team. Having something that some teams would crave, a bonafide 2 guard that can score, gives them leverage. It is now up the management to make the moves that can bring it too fruition. Further, this is not a short term proposition either. Making these moves will place them in a better position, but won’t guarantee them a spot in the Western Conference playoffs next year, but should set them up for a prolonged period of upward trend. Here is the break down of the Western Conference teams who made the playoffs this year:
    1. San Antonio- Only and injury to Duncan really derailed this team. With a core of players and a coach in Popovich they will be back.
    2. Lakers- Coaching change yes, but way too much talent. A fall in standings perhaps, but not out of the top 8.
    3. Dallas- Again, solid core, and perhaps defending champs. And you know Cuban will spend what it takes to get back to playoffs.
    4. Oklahoma City- Durant and company will only get better. Enough said.
    5. Denver- They have some roster issues and potentially 6 or 7 FA’s. But should also mean some cap space. And a proven coach. They could fall out of top 8.
    6. Portland- I see this as a team on the rise. And if (Big IF) Oden ever gets healthy, could be a contender. Still a playoff team to me.
    7. New Orleans- With Paul in the line-up this team can still win and they could move up with a move or two. Still a playoff team.
    8. Memphis- In my opinion still a team on the rise. They are moving in the right direction with some youth and a strong stle of play.

    My point is barring injury, not a lot of change going on here, aside from Denver. And the Clippers (gulp, yes I said it) have a proven post player in the reigning ROY Blake Griffen, and a higher draft pick. If they can get any kind of defensive effort and guard play, they could in my opinion leapfrog the Warriors in the standings.
    In the end, the Warriors have some needs and a proven commodity, it is time the used it prudently.

    June 10th, 2011 8:48 am

  3. KezarMike

    Love watching Monte play. Now, it’s certainly OK to trade him, if……IF…..you get a GREAT player for him (that means a STAR, an IMPACT player. You don’t trade your best scorer and only “wow” player for a “good” player, like that defensive guard (from the sixers?) who scores 15 points a game. I’ve been following the Warriors since 1965. You DON’T contend in the NBA without at least one great player (a superstar) on your team. The Warriors keep losing year after year after year because they keep drafting and signing as free agents VERY ordinary players. Yeah, I’m still kinda pissed they drafted Joe Smith instead of Kevin Garnett or Kobie Bryant that year. Hell, I’m still pissed they drafted Purvis Short instead of Larry Bird (the Celtics were willing to wait a year to sign him and….). So, the question for the new owners is….HOW YOU GONNA GET A GREAT PLAYER ONTO THE TEAM. As long as the looney Don Nelson is gone, it really doesn’t matter who coaches this team. It’s the players, baby.

    June 11th, 2011 6:03 pm

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