Neal, this one is not for you.

Mrs. Cohn Zohn and I seem to be addicted to the TV show “True Blood.” Our friends Val and Gary Furness are in the same boat.

At the Cohn Zohn we don’t get HBO or Showtime so we rent various TV series from Netflix, which means we are one season behind in our True Blood viewing — so please don’t tell me what happens in the current series. In a sense, I consider True Blood stupid and over the top and I am not particularly interested in vampires — or fangers as they are called on the show. But I can’t stop watching and I’m at pains to discover the truth about Sookie and I find Lafayette really interesting and Jason Stackhouse is a scream. And I always wondered what it would be like to be a shifter like Sam.

What do you think of True Blood?

Other series we rent and like:

In Treatment (I’m crazy about this one.)


Six Feet Under

Mad Men

What series do you like?