That’s quite an interesting debate we have going on the Zohn re: Barry Bonds. I was sarcastic about his face and his virtue and many of you called me on it. Good. So let’s keep going.

What are the primary defenses of Bonds?

1. Everyone else did it so why single him out?

2. Major League baseball is at fault more than Bonds because it tolerated PEDs.

3. Bonds was a great player and would have been great without steroids.

4. Lowell is down on Bonds because Bonds was rude to Lowell.

If I am missing something please tell me.

Here are my responses:

1. Everyone didn’t do it. Bonds benefited the most of players who did do it. He lied about it continually. I believe he perjured himself to a grand jury — that is serious. He got convicted of obstruction of justice. That is serious.

2. Yes Major League baseball is at fault but this does not exonerate Bonds and others.

3. Bonds was a great player and didn’t need steroids. His ego got the best of him after Sosa and McGwire hit all those home runs. This is an ego issue among other things.

4. Yes, Bonds was rude to me and to just about every other writer. This does not make me like him. He should have understood writers would not cut him a break when he was so relentlessly miserable. Still, I will vote for him for the Hall of Fame because no one proved beyond the shadow of a doubt he cheated. If the situation were reversed would he be so even-handed with me?

5. His face really is quite a bit thinner.