I got a ton of response on my article about Jim Harbaugh being boring in his press conferences. And there was a consistent theme. Many readers defended Harbaugh saying he shouldn’t have to answer “stupid questions.” Sometimes the adjective was inane or dumb. But you get the idea. The problem is not Harbaugh. It’s the nature of the questions.


Let me first say that Harbaugh does not hold news conferences out of generosity. It is part of his job and he earns part of his salary through his news conferences. Are you clear on that?

Now to the stupid questions. The journalists in that room are experienced and good and know how to ask questions. Believe me.

The reason Harbaugh tries hard not to answer is not because the questions are stupid. It’s because the questions are questions.

I’ll tell you what I propose. Because our questions are stupid, you suggest a question. Write into my blog or Grant’s and suggest a really brilliant question none of the stupid journalists has asked. Go ahead. Do it.

And one other thing. Decide whether or not Harbaugh will answer your not-stupid question. Rate your question for answerability on a scale of one to ten. Ten means it has the best chance of being answered. One means almost no chance.

Go ahead.