I’m proposing a theory — call it an educated guess. I could be all wrong but I’m trying.

Many sites are reporting that the Raiders already have hired Dennis Allen as their head coach. Allen is (was?) defensive coordinator at the Broncos and this hire makes sense because the Raiders defense is talented but does not play up to the talent level.

In my theory, the Raiders told Allen he has the HC job. Allen then told the Broncos, and the Broncos leaked the news to the media before the Raiders had a chance to announce it.

The Raiders, in fact, cannot announce Allen’s hire now because general manager Reggie McKenzie is in Mobile scouting players at the Senior Bowl. McKenzie needs to be in Oakland to schedule a press conference to introduce Allen. The Raiders never should have hired Allen with McKenzie on the other side of the continent. They should have waited.

If I am correct, McKenzie will fly back tonight. Then the Raiders will hold their press conference Thursday or Friday. They can’t wait until next week because there is a hiring moratorium during Super Bowl week. The Raiders have put themselves in a bit of a bind.