I am amused. My Sunday column wrapped up the Niners’ season, explained their great success in the season and dissected the loss to the Giants in the NFC championship game. Many of my readers have written responses putting me down. Note: they write to Grant’s blog because it’s difficult to respond on mine unless you do Facebook.

I can take criticism. Believe me, I can. I’ve been criticized for a long time in Bay Area sports circles and that’s just fine. I like the give and take.

But the criticisms this time make me laugh. On Grant’s blog people have written I’m old and washed up. I need a laxative. I have a grudge against Jim Harbaugh. And more.

It’s time for a lesson in thinking. It doesn’t matter what you think of me. It doesn’t matter whether I need a laxative. Is my reasoning correct or incorrect?

It always is the sign of a losing argument when the respondent attacks the person and not the argument. It is weak and, frankly, something I dismiss. So what if I am old? Was I wrong? Can you defeat my logic?

Can you say for sure Kyle Williams needed to be in the game to drop the punt and lose the game? No, he should not have been in the game, and that mistake is on Harbaugh. It’s not on me, no matter how old I am.

Should the Niners have completed more than two passes in the first half? You bet they should have. And that’s on the coaches and the players, and it’s not on me no matter what my situation is with laxatives.

I did not point out mistakes the Niners made because I have a grudge against Harbaugh — or as one writer said, because he won’t kiss my butt. I pointed out mistakes because they were mistakes.

Don’t be so sure Harbaugh and I don’t get along. We have fun with each other. We challenge each other. We smile at each other when things appear dicey between us in press conference and he winks at me. When I sit there quietly and don’t ask questions he wants to know why.

Please, don’t worry about my relationship with Harbaugh. Work on improving your logic.