Grant and I are sitting here in the Cohn Zohn — the table in the family room at home — blogging our heads off about Peyton Manning and the Niners. There is still so much we don’t know. But, as Grant reminded me, we sure do know that Alex Smith caddied for Harbaugh the first day of the AT&T Pro Am Whosits in Pebble Beach. It was a bad look on Smith’s part — sycophantic.

If the reports are true that Harbaugh is interested in Manning, the caddie look looks even worse. And it means Harbaugh would act as if he’s close to Smith, a friend, and allow the caddie routine and then go behind his back for another QB.

This makes Harbaugh extremely cold-blooded. Is that bad? No. In his business personal feelings don’t matter. You need the best players. Bill Walsh was that way — cold. I actually applaud Harbaugh for what he’s doing and how he tried to keep it secret.

One other thing. Earlier this week, Jed York, speaking about Smith’s contract, said, “The ball’s in Alex’s court.” That may not have been the honest truth. It seems the ball has been in Harbaugh’s court the whole time.

Or here’s another interpretation. When Smith hesitated, the Niners said what the heck and got together with Manning.

Or here’s yet another interpretation. The Niners realize they must look interested in Manning — they would seem like dopes not to at least work him out. If they don’t get him, they can say they tried. They need to look eager right now with a new stadium in the offing.

Lots going on. This is fun.