I wrote my Tuesday column about Brian Wilson. Considering I wrote my Monday column about Wilson, that’s a lot of Wilson. In the second column I examine some hard contract issues. Like should the Giants offer Wilson arbitration after this season? I say no. I point out what a risk he represents for them going forward. This is nothing against Wilson. I merely am talking baseball realities and looking at baseball as a business. If the Giants decide Wilson can pitch for them in 2013, they must come up with a creative contract that protects them — perhaps lowered guaranteed money with incentives.

One note: At the end of my Monday column, I wrote that Wilson is starting a slow fade. Several readers took issue with the image, so let me explain. I did not mean Wilson will fade forever from the team, although he may. His surgery is serious. I meant hurt players tend to become invisible around a team while they rehab because the team moves on. Many hurt players have told me about feeling invisible. That’s what I was writing about. I could have done it better. My bad. To read my Tuesday column, click here.