It was supposed to be a great pitchers’ duel Monday night — Tim Lincecum vs. Roy Halladay —  except Lincecum didn’t keep up his part of  the duel. He was awful in the first inning and that pretty much was that. Let me add he’s pretty much been awful this season. And that leads me to a question:

Are you worried about Lincecum?

I don’t mean in the short term. I mean, are you worried he’s turned into a bad pitcher in the long term and never will regain his elite status? Are you worried he’s the second coming of Barry Zito, or worse, that he and Zito have changed pitching personalities.

For what it’s worth, I am not worried — not that I would worry about a thing like this. I doubted Lincecum two years ago and he made me look foolish the way he pitched in the World Series. I say he’s not hurt. He hasn’t lost his stuff. He has lots of moving parts in his delivery and he’s working out his mechanics. And soon he’ll be fine.

I could be wrong. What do you think?