It is sad that Aubrey Huff has anxiety and has to go on the 15-day DL and is unable to play baseball — which is his job. I feel great compassion for anyone dealing with anxiety.

I have more to say on Huff, however, and I will try to be as sensitive to him as possible.

When he left the team unexpectedly, he allegedly texted Bruce Bochy saying he had a family emergency. Now that the Giants are telling us Huff has anxiety, the family-emergency explanation does not seem to be the entire truth.

Are the Giants withholding important facts about Huff?

What form has Huff’s anxiety taken? Just what does anxiety mean in his case? And where did he go when he felt anxious?

When he gets over this attack of anxiety will he be well, at least well enough to play baseball?

Can the Giants depend on him to show up consistently the rest of the season or is this the beginning of the end of his career?

Did the anxiety come on because he perhaps felt humiliated after the way he played second base the other day?

I guess I’m saying the anxiety explanation doesn’t answer a lot of questions. It creates questions.

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