I have taken a lot of criticism since the 49ers took wide receiver A.J. Jenkins with their first pick in the draft, since I went out of my way to slam that pick — a position I still maintain. Some of the criticism challenged my expertise. Fair enough. I challenged the expertise of Trent Baalke and Jim Harbaugh in this one case, and I opened myself to the same kind of criticism. I welcome the criticism and the debate.

Others said I’m a bum (my word) because I criticized the Jenkins pick and I also criticized the first-round selection of Aldon Smith last year. I didn’t remember what I wrote about Smith, so I looked it up and it turns out I wildly praised Baalke and Harbaugh for drafting Smith with their first pick in 2011. That is a fact.

So, if you criticize me, please be factual. I try to be.¬†Also, just because the Aldon-Smith selection was good it does not follow that the Jenkins selection is good. It’s simply not logical. To read my column on Smith from one year ago, please click here. Peace.