I wrote the other day that Tim Lincecum pitches just fine until he has a crack-up inning. His crack-up inning tonight was the 6th in Miami. He gave up 5 runs and looked, well, bad. What is going on? He was throwing 93 mph and seemed to have good stuff. I’m confused. I think his problems must be mental, but I’m not really sure.

So, I ask you this. Did Bochy leave him in too long? Lincecum was distinctly vulnerable in the fifth. It could have been prudent to take Lincecum out before the disastrous 6th inning.

I do not think Bochy left him in too long. Bochy is not playing fantasy baseball. He is playing real baseball and he was trying to build up Lincecum’s confidence. It would have been bad to yank Lincecum after five. So, Bochy did the right thing and it turned out horribly.