Bruce Jenkins wrote a strong column in this morning’s Chron. He advocates increasing the use of instant replay in baseball in certain situations. He wants baseball to get things right and to make use of available technology.

I disagree with Bruce on almost every point. Let me say that right away. Bruce and I have been friends for decades and I’m sure he’ll forgive me — he’s a gracious man. I believe his heart is in the right place; it always is. But, to me — my temperament is conservative — I want to leave the game the way it is. Baseball is a traditional game and it acknowledges human error. I’d say it celebrates human error. In that sense, it is a sport very much like real life.

I would hate to see some guy in a booth overrule an umpire. I would hate delays in games while other people decide what happened on the field.

Obviously, Bruce thinks differently and he may be right. I certainly love when a columnist defines the discussion for the day, and that’s exactly what Bruce did.

What do you think about increasing instant replay in baseball?

To read Bruce’s intelligent column, please click here.