I am over at Comcast before going on at 5 pm. When I walked in the station everyone was startled and puzzled about what Jim Harbaugh said today that Alex Smith always was his first choice and he never would have dumped Smith for Peyton Manning even though he personally went to see Manning workout. Gee. I’m confused about stuff.

Like why did Harbaugh go to see Manning?

Like was he really not as interested in him as he was in Smith?

Like why did Harbaugh bring all this stuff up now when no one even asked about it? I mean, this opens up that can of worms all over again.

In his news conference, Harbaugh said it was no one’s “right” to know what he would have done with his roster if he got Manning. True. But no one would have asked about that if Harbaugh had not raised this subject in the first place. To read an article about Harbaugh’s news conference, click here.