I want to revisit Jim Harbaugh’s unusual diatribe from Wednesday. I was on Comcast last night and Purdy, correctly I believe, said Harbaugh said what he said to defend Alex Smith from what Jon Beason tweeted — that if Peyton ┬áManning had come to the Niners, they would have cut Smith.

Purdy’s interpretation seems right on. And that leads me to some questions and I hope you’ll play this quiz — I am seeking your opinion and promise not to disagree with you even if I disagree.

1. Do you believe Harbaugh was not interested in replacing Smith with Manning?

2.Was it right for Harbaugh to revisit this issue?

3. Was it smart for him to do it?

4. Did he help his team or his QB?

5. After this, do you think more of him, less of him, the same?