Manny Pacquiao just lost a split decision to Tim Bradley, who won Pacquiao’s welterweight title. Baloney. I watched the fight on pay per view. I’m good at scoring fights. I’ve been doing it since I was 10. And Bradley did not come close to winning. He mostly ran and he never once landed an important punch, and he never hurt Pacquiao. Pacquiao pursued him the whole fight. Pacquiao made the fight. Pacquiao landed more punches. Pacquiao landed the power punches.

When you want a champ’s title you must take it from him, and Bradley had no desire to take. You could make a case that Pacquiao won every round, although Bradley might have won two. Certainly he did not win the fight. Disgraceful.

There is one benefit to this silly decision. Floyd Mayweather, who is afraid of Pacquiao, now may find the guts to fight him when he gets out of jail. I always have believed Mayweather has the style to beat Pacquiao. Maybe Mayweather will muster the courage to prove it.

Now, it’s the morning after that awful decision. I just read Tim Kawakami’s blog and I’m glad to see Tim agrees with me. He and Monte Poole are boxing guys, the last of a breed. To read Tim’s blog, click here.