I make it my business not to write about sports in Sonoma County. The Press Democrat has fine writers who cover the 707, and my job is to write about Bay Area Sports. I don’t even live in Santa Rosa. But I just read an astonishing article online at the PD website, an article which makes me sad and angry.

It says Levi Leipheimer, a local hero in Sonoma County, may have engaged in blood doping. He also may have rolled over on Lance Armstrong to reduce his own suspension. I have no idea if any of this is true.

What if it is true? Well, I write regularly about drug cheaters in major sports. I was critical of Barry Bonds last weekend, who I believe cheated. If sportswriters are critical of Bonds why should Leipheimer get a pass — if he did these things?

If he cheated, he’s just another rule breaker and a liar — like all the rest. Hardly a hero. And the fact that he “told” on someone else makes him a snitch. Certainly, his dropping out of the Olympics is fishy, as in it smells.

It’s all a very ugly picture — if it’s true. I sure hope it’s not true.