Mrs. Cohn Zohn and I just arrived at our rental house in Sea Ranch. I was not thinking of Barry Bonds as I unpacked the car. Mrs. Cohn Zohn made us two cups of tea and she started reading the paper so I fired up my computer and there was an article about Bonds. The man refuses to go away or hide under a rock. Barry Bloom from interviewed Bonds. Barry Bloom is a dear friend of mine going back decades and he is a great reporter — the tops — and he alone of all reporters managed to form a relationship with Bonds. I admire what Bloom did. Only he could get this Bonds interview.

In the interview Bonds said he belongs in the Hall of Fame, he is suspicious of writers who do not vote for him. And he went on about his love for San Francisco, even though he lives in LA. I do not believe he is a logical thinker. I also do not believe he will get into the Hall any time soon, despite his constant electioneering to that purpose. Too bad for him. To read Barry Bloom on Barry Bonds, click here.