I’m glad to see things are hopping over here in the Cohn Zohn. I seem to have gotten your day off with a jolt and you have come back at me with interesting insights. All’s fair as long as we’re polite with each other. So, I’d like to offer this. The Niners did nothing imaginative on offense in Denver. That is their prerogative. It’s just that the third exhibition game is a chance to practice real stuff at game speed. Training camp workouts in Santa Clara are not game speed. But the Niners did not try stuff they need to do — like completing a long pass to Randy Moss. Alex Smith’s completion to Vernon Davis was not a long pass — it was a catch and a run. When the backup QBs came in, Harbaugh called more long passes, but he did not do that on Smith’s watch. I’m not sure why. Here is my working hypothesis: The Niners’ offense this season will be similar to the offense of last season. If I am wrong, I will gladly admit it right here. I don’t think I will be wrong. You can tell me I’m all wet, but where is your evidence?