Sportswriters around the country are down on the San Francisco Giants because they employed Melky Cabrera and now they have brought back Guillermo Mota, two known drug cheaters. Tim Kawakami wrote a provocative column that ran this morning in the Merc. Tim made two main points: Cabrera clearly aided the Giants as they hold onto first place. Mota is back after a 100-game suspension and the Giants, if they wanted to remain morally pristine and not look like Drug Central, should have avoided him at all costs.

I may have felt that way about Mota once upon a time. I don’t feel that way now. So, I’m disagreeing with Tim but I’m glad he raised the subject, and he raised it because he’s a good columnist. I owe you a glass of pinot noir, Tim.

Let’s take these one at a time starting with Mota. He got a 100-game suspension, not a life suspension. He served his time and now the Giants are entitled to bring him back. End of story. Really, it’s the end of the story. If the guy can’t pitch, the Giants will dump him.

Now onto Cabrera. Sure, he helped the Giants, and now he’s not helping. Let’s say the Giants get to the World Series, partly because of Cabrera. Are we to assume the Giants are the only team with a drug cheater. I don’t think that. I think they, along with the A’s, are two of the teams who had drug cheaters who got caught. No matter whom the Giants play in the Series, that other team will have guys — several — using testosterone or whatever. The Giants aren’t the only team with immoral players. I doubt there is one team in the majors that is totally on the up and up. I don’t believe the Giants should feel shame if they advance in the postseason because of their drug cheater as opposed to all the other drug cheaters, and I feel no indignation that they are using Mota.

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