Here is the opening of my Sunday column about 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh and The Curse:

Old Coach says, “Jimmy doesn’t know it but there’s a curse.”

Jimmy is Jim Harbaugh. Old coaches still call him Jimmy.

“What curse?” I say.

“13-3, that curse,” Old Coach says.

“What’s cursed about it?”

“People expect you to do it again, like it’s easy. It isn’t easy. He doesn’t get into the Super Bowl this season people think he failed. Going 13-3 his first season was a curse.”

“He won 14 games,” I say. “There was that playoff win against New Orleans.”

“Curse,” Old Coach says. “He raised everyone’s expectations. Teams don’t always meet expectations.”

“That is a curse,” I say.

“What did I tell you?” Old Coach grumbles.

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