Here is the opening to my Monday column about the A’s:

OAKLAND — If I were a genius, which I’m not, I’d tell you all the reasons the A’s are one heck of a ballclub. And be clear about this, the A’s are one heck of a ballclub.

I mean, some stuff is easy. They have top-notch starting pitching and when you have top-notch starting pitching, you’re a factor.

And although the A’s don’t exactly hit for a high average, they blast home runs all over the place — the Coliseum has become a launching pad. Except for the Yankees, who are off the chart in home runs, the A’s rank near the top of the American League.

Aside from Josh Reddick who may or may not be a slugger — too early to tell — the A’s have hitters with some power. Not power hitters. Hitters with power. Nine A’s hitters have 10 or more home runs. The opponent doesn’t know where the knockout punch is coming from.

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