Tomorrow, I start my big adventure, ending with covering the 49ers-Packers game on Sunday. That’s a big game.

Grant and I fly to Chicago, take public transit to somewhere or other where Ira Miller will pick us up. We’re sleeping at his house — Ira already picked out the wine for dinner. On Saturday, Grant and I drive to Appleton, Wisconsin to our hotel. We’re having dinner that night with Maiocco and Barrows who are at our hotel. Ostler is staying in Green Bay and already is jealous he can’t eat with us. (Ostler is on Comcast with me tonight.) And Sunday is the game. Imagine that, me and my kid in the pressbox at Lambeau.

But it doesn’t end there. Monday morning, Grant and I wake up early and drive back to Chicago. We fly back to the Bay Area, Grant drops me off at the Oakland Coliseum for the Raiders home opener, which I cover.

On Tuesday, I sleep.