Here is the opening to my column about Stanford’s win over USC:


At first, you thought Stanford was out of Luck, as in out of Andrew Luck. That’s because the Cardinal offense wasn’t so hot and neither was quarterback Josh Nunes. I’m talking about the first half only, when there was a definite lack of Luck.

But OK, allow me to start again. It’s rare when the issue in a football game is so clear. But the issue for Stanford on Saturday against USC was as clear as it gets. Could the Cardinal be a national player, or even a major player in the Pac-12 without Luck, now on the Indianapolis Colts?

It was that simple. It really was.

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  1. Tiburon Dave

    Good for Nunes but to channel the great Keith Jackson…This game was decided by the BIG UGLIES!

    I’ve never seen a USC Team get so thoroughly manhandled on both sides of the ball…

    The fact they were so dominated by a bunch of guys who got over 2000 on their SATs is astonishing.

    Congratulations to Coach Shaw…

    September 16th, 2012 9:35 am

  2. Stan

    I’m surprised that the media hasn’t noted the irony of Luck replacing Peyton Manning (taking Peyton’s Place?..60′s humor) and that Nunes is a dead look alike for a young Peyton Manning. Although, having a receding hairline at 19 or 20 is no fun I would think.
    Shaw proved himself worthy…that Fiesta Bowl was a big demerit. He’s past that I hope.

    September 16th, 2012 10:15 am

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