A 49ers public relations official just made an interesting announcement in the press box. He said a report on NBC by Michele Tafoya is not accurate. She said Jim Harbaugh called the Lions a chippy bunch and a late hit bunch. She said he told her this in the Friday pregame production meeting. But the PR guy said Harbaugh never used the words she put in his mouth.

Here’s how the PR guy explained things. Tafoya said to Harbaugh, if the Lions are chippy and late hit bunch, what would he tell his players. Harbaugh said to keep their heads on swivels and not retaliate. The PR guy said he was in the meeting and Harbaugh never uttered the words chippy and late hit. The PR guy said we should trust him and not Tafoya.

I was not at the meeting and cannot take sides. It would be irresponsible either way.

I can say there is a significant discrepancy in the two versions. I also can say this is a serious accusation about Tafoya and her professionalism.