During a commercial on Comcast on Tuesday I talked to Brian Sabean about Dusty Baker’s health — an irregular heart beat and a mild stroke. Sabean told me he had phoned Dusty Monday night and they spoke a long time. Sabean said he feels confident Dusty will be OK. “He’s always looked after himself,” he said. “He eats well, exercises, is never overweight.” Sabean was smiling as he said all this.

The whole time I was thinking this is the best of sport. The Reds may come in here next week in the playoffs and Sabean will want to beat them and Dusty will want to beat the Giants. Sure. But at a certain level these men are colleagues and friends and they wish each other well. The whole thing made me feel good.

And by the way, please don’t feel there is any animosity between Jim Kozimor and me. He nailed me on the show yesterday. Hey, I’ve nailed him. It’s part of the deal and I really enjoy working with him.