Here’s a few quotes from Bruce Bochy’s pregame presser:

On the first two games: “We all would agree they’re important games. We know it.”

On not freaking out over the first two games: “Well, we’ve got to take both of these games — you can’t think like that. We’ll do all we can to win win every game.”

On the importance of Game 1: “It’s similar to the game itself. You try to score first. It’s always an important game. That doesn’t mean it’s a do or die game. You don’t want to put added pressure, like it’s a must game. But it’s certainly a critical game. Both sides know that.”

On his pitching rotation, which he has not publicly revealed: “I have talked to the starters. They pretty much know when they’ll pitch.”

On why is Huff on the roster: “The way he’s swinging the bat coming off the bench. He’s got his bat speed back. His knee’s doing a lot better. He’s running now versus hobbling. If he was hobbling, this would be a tough decision.”