Here is the opening to my column from the Giants series winning Game 5 vs. the Reds.

CINCINNATI — After Scott Rolen struck out to end the National League Division Series, and after the Giants players came together on the field, and after they ran into the clubhouse and opened the champagne bottles, after all that reliever Sergio Romo, who had saved the game, walked over to a row of lockers covered by sheets of clear plastic and started to weep. He put his hands on his knees and he grimaced and tears filled his dark eyes.

“I’m very proud to be that guy they asked to get the last out,” he sobbed. He choked up and sucked in breath. “I couldn’t let them down. It’s not in me. I never thought … ” His words were interrupted when someone emptied a bottle of champagne on his head. “Holy cow,” he said.

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