Here is the opening to my column from Game 2 of the NLCS about Marco Scutaro:


It is the top of the first inning. St. Louis has runners at first and second with one out. Matt Holliday is the runner on first. Allen Craig hits a grounder to Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford, who throws to second baseman Marco Scutaro, who throws to first attempting the double play. He doesn’t get the double play.

Part of the reason is Holliday, who runs from first to second trying to prevent a good relay throw to first. He launches himself toward second. He does not slide. Some might call his act cowardly — more on that later. He is flying parallel to the ground and he is aiming his body at Scutaro’s unprotected left side.

Holliday crashes into Scutaro, and Scutaro falls. He lies there, the grimace of pain on his face. He stays down while manager and trainer lean over him talking. And then, miracle of miracles, he gets up and dusts off his hat and uniform, and stretches and makes sure all parts work. He walks back to his fielding position and gets ready to work.

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