I returned home Monday night from Detroit. I spent Tuesday doing a month’s worth of expense reports. It took hours. My granddaughter Camila came over and we spent time alone — she’s just a few months old — and I carried her around the house and sang Do you Want To Dance, the Bobby Freeman version. I exchanged emails with my editor who assigned me to attend and write about Wednesday’s Giants parade and celebration.. If you see me there say hello. I helped Mrs. Cohn Zohn make dinner, a red pasta sauce and I opened a Haywood Estate Zin — very nice. Grant has a week off from the Niners because of the bye but he’s already planning what to write from home. Friday night we are celebrating my 67th birthday at our house (my actual birthday is November 1). The company includes — Mrs. Cohn Zohn, Grant, his girlfriend Swasti, my stepson Brian, his wife Carolyn, and his two little kids Sam and Camila. I am thrilled to be home and to celebrate my birthday with the people I love. I hope your life is as good as mine.