In my previous post which linked today’s column, I maintained that Alex Smith already has thrown three stinkers this season and that means 33 percent of his starts fall into the stinker category. Mark M helpfully pointed out that Smith’s start against the Jets also was a stinker. How could I have forgotten? I mean, I was in New Jersey and covered that game. I went back to the play by play and sure enough Mark M was correct. Although the Niners won 34-0 against the horrendous Jets with the blowhard coach, the game was still a game at the half, SF led 10-0. The only first-half touchdown was a Colin Kapernick run. As usual, Smith led the team to no points in the first quarter — it seems to be one of his specialties. FYI, Smith threw NO touchdowns as in NONE in the game. Big stinker.

That means Smith has had four stinkers in nine games. Could someone please tell us what percentage of stinkers that is? I lost the ability to figure out percentages around the age of 12.

If you think I’m picking on Smith, you’re wrong. I always maintain he is a nice guy. I simply judge him as a quarterback, judge him on his performance and I simply cannot see him as a long termer with the Niners.