Here is the opening to my column which calls for Colin Kaepernick to be the Niners starting QB:


Let the quarterback controversy begin.

Colin Kaepernick should be the 49ers’ starting quarterback and Alex Smith should not. Kaepernick must be the starter — it’s obvious — and if Jim Harbaugh goes back to Smith out of misplaced loyalty or just plain stubbornness, he is making the mistake of his life.

But I don’t believe Harbaugh will go back to Smith. I firmly believe the transition from Smith to Kaepernick already happened, as in done deal. After the game, Harbaugh was asked if Kaepernick is his starting quarterback going forward.

“We’ll see,” Harbaugh replied.

For Smith, that was the reply of death. It was Harbaugh’s chance to say Smith still is his quarterback, to endorse him. Harbaugh chose not to.

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