It’s early Tuesday morning and I have a few more thoughts on the 49ers after last night’s game.

1. I have not seen the fan base this enthusiastic in a long time and it all is about Colin Kaepernick.

2. There clearly is a QB controversy and, get this, Jim Harbaugh started it, if you think about it. He did not endorse Smith, his starter. He said there is competition between him and Kaepernick, raising Kaepernick to Smith’s level. He also said he has no rule that a starter can’t lose his job from injury.

3. I apologize to readers I offended by saying Smith doesn’t have the guts to throw to Vernon Davis. I should have said he sometimes is overly cautious — he is — and does not take a chance in throwing to Davis. In the heat of deadline — with the clock ticking — I sometimes write things the wrong way. My bad for sure.