Stan is agitating for me to write about the Andrew Bogut fiasco. Sure. Happy to do it. I’m in the press box at Stanford Stadium to watch Stanford beat UCLA for the second time in six days, which gives me time to write about the W’s. I was on Comcast yesterday while Kozimor did a live interview with Bob Myers who seemed very nervous. Myers is a good guy and he took all the heat for the whole organization — like for Joe Lacob. The Warriors’ sin was apparently — almost surely — covering up the truth about Bogut’s injury, as in not being totally honest. Bad. They also sinned by allowing Bogut to play when he clearly wasn’t ready to play. That makes it look like they put pressure on him to play, although I do not know if it’s the case. The W’s are looking duplicitous and amateurish and truth-averse. Myers took the heat but many others are involved including the coach and the player. It’s usually a good strategy to tell the truth up front.