Some of you have written in saying I was too harsh on Greg Roman when I fired him in my column — not that I actually have the power to fire anyone except my gardener. I do believe Roman is not up to the Niners’ standard of coaches. Having said that — and with some prompting by Zohn reader Dennis — I want to point out that the failures of the Niners’ offensive game plan — and there have been failures — ultimately are on Jim Harbaugh. He’s the head coach and he’s an offensive guy and he’s supposed to have major input with Roman. It sure seemed on Monday like he was absolving himself and putting all the blame on Roman — except, of course, he took responsibility (whatever that means) for allowing that crummy pitch play to get run. But he made it clear he did not call it. Plenty of blame to go around here. And no, I’m not firing Harbaugh. That should make him feel relieved.