I have received emails and comments this morning by readers ticked off at me because the Niners’ offense hasn’t been boffo. Many write that Colin Kaepernick is doing no better than Alex Smith, and they seem steamed at me for backing the switch to Kaepernick. Fine, I can take it. I still believe Kaepernick is a better QB than Smith and I support the switch.

If you don’t like the change, don’t get on my case. I have no power in Santa Clara. Be angry at Jim Harbaugh. Very few readers seem angry at Harbaugh. Why?

Some readers were outraged when I wrote Greg Roman is no big deal as offensive coordinator and is not up to the level of Harbaugh’s other coaches. I believe that.

I have something else to say. Harbaugh ultimately is responsible for the Niners’ weak offensive game plans. Here’s another place readers can get sore at Harbaugh.