I’ve been scratching my head since I read Jim Harbaugh’s remarks about Brandon Jacobs from his Monday presser. Asked if Jacobs was still a member of the team, Harbaugh took refuge behind the Fifth Amendment. Curious. The Fifth, as far as I understand it, is about avoiding self-incrimination. But Harbaugh was not protecting himself from self-incrimination. He simply didn’t want to deliver the goods. There’s a difference, unless Harbaugh really was protecting himself from self-incrimination. That would make quite a story. One other thing, in his whole career as a 49er — not much of a career — Jacobs never got as much ink as after he got suspended and was essentially no longer a Niner.

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  1. Ben

    yes, it would make a tantalizing story if harbaugh was indeed “pleading the 5th” in order not to incriminate himself over something…anything… more juicy. but let’s be real here… he’s a football guy, not a constitutional scholar. we can be pretty confident here that he just meant “no comment”.

    December 11th, 2012 10:21 am

  2. Stan

    He’s winning. He can be the Allan Iverson of coaches. Obnoxious .

    December 11th, 2012 10:48 am

  3. jason

    Heck, if it worked for Barry Bonds…why not?

    December 11th, 2012 11:08 am

  4. Brandon Conway

    “I plead the 5th” has become a generic phrase for simply not answering a question. It has no real meaning to its origin when used that way, but many colloquialisms lose their original meanings over time.

    December 11th, 2012 11:35 am

  5. gary

    for a “Stand up guy”, he sure ducks a lot
    of questions.
    I would say how this has played out, Lowell,
    supports your questioning of the TB/JH

    December 11th, 2012 2:20 pm

  6. Dennis

    Isn’t it remotely possible that they had not formally talked with him at the time of the presser and he wanted to wait until after Jacobs had his meeting with Baalke before talking about it?

    December 11th, 2012 3:47 pm

  7. lameduck

    I’m looking for one of those jobs where you get fired and still get paid. Even better would be the questioning and public scrutiny of the hatchet person.

    I guess the real story isn’t pretty if they aren’t talking.

    December 11th, 2012 6:36 pm

  8. Stan

    As usual,I put on Comcast 15-20 minutes after the hour,and the 49ers presson is over.
    I was going to say that after Harbaugh does his usual “The Patriots are great,coached great,just great” I was going to offer $5.00 to the media member who stands up and asks will the 49ers win?.
    I bet Harbaugh ducks that simple question.

    December 12th, 2012 12:29 pm

  9. Stan

    I bet he makes in provocative. Try it media people.

    December 12th, 2012 12:30 pm

  10. Stan

    I bet he makes it provocative. Try it media people.

    December 12th, 2012 12:30 pm

  11. Alex

    He just didn’t want to answer the question. This isn’t meant to be snide, I am genuinely asking. Is it okay for him to refuse to answer a question?

    December 12th, 2012 2:40 pm

  12. CohnZohn

    Alex, Where did I say he was snide?

    December 12th, 2012 2:48 pm

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